Spring 2019

The Global Café interdisciplinary learning community conducted three reflective, structured dialogues for the Spring 2019 semester:


Perspectives on #MeToo, Thursday, February 7, 12:15-1:45 pm, Branford House

This was a reflective, structured dialogue among UConn students, faculty and staff about issues related to sexual abuse and gender inequality based on UConn’s Humility and Conviction in Public Life’s “Encounters” reflective, structured dialogue model.  This discussion included a variety of experts (e.g., representatives from Safe Futures, UConn’s Counseling and Mental Health Services, UConn’s Women’s Center, etc.). The discussion ended with a presentation and exhibit by Jeanne Ciravolo, an award-winning figurative artist, portrait painter, and current MFA candidate in UConn’s Department of Art and Art History.



“This is America” Dialogue, Thursday, March 7, 12:15-1:45 pm, Branford House

This discussion among UConn students, faculty and staff focused on Childish Gambino’s viral “This is America” music video.  Like the above discussion, this “Encounters”-style, reflective, structured dialogue included a panel of experts offering their insights: Michael Bradford, Head of Dramatic Arts and Artistic Director of the CT Repertory Theatre at UConn; Akeia Benard, Curator of Social History at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, who has extensively researched African American History; and David Dorfman, an internationally known dancer and choreographer who focuses his research and choreography on the topics of power and powerlessness.



















Story Exchange, Thursday, April 11, 12:15-2:15 pm, Branford House

The Narrative4 non-profit initiative aims to harness the power of the story exchange to create a world where people become leaders who act with empathy. The goal of this story exchange among students, faculty and staff was to equip participants to use their stories to build empathy, shatter stereotypes, and break down barriers. Master Practitioners Lee Keylock (Director of Global Programs), Alondra Marmolejos (UConn Facilitator), Kate Richards (Avery Point Facilitator), and Laurie Wolfley (Avery Point Facilitator) train each Narrative 4 facilitator to lead event preparation, facilitate the exchange, and guide the reflection process. These are powerful, impactful events.



For more information, please contact Laurie.Wolfley@uconn.edu, Katharine.Richards@uconn.edu, or Rebecca.Troeger@uconn.edu.